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Farm and acreage theft are on the rise because of the economic factors Alberta has experienced since 2008. Easy access to expensive machinery and other valuable assets has led to thousands of dollars in uninsured losses to rural owners.

Protect your property and your belongings with video surveillance cameras (CCTV) which provide immediate protection and also serve as a visual determent to thieves that your property is secure and monitored. CCTV is cost effective, offers 24 hour protection and can be viewed from your smartphone.

Farm Security Systems can protect your farm or acreage in Alberta with wireless video surveillance for less than the competition with systems starting at $1,500.

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Farm Security Systems features reliable and easy to use video surveillance systems. As your security needs grow you can simply add-on to our security systems with additional CCTV cameras and employ a full spectrum of surveillance and security solutions for your property, buildings and livestock. You can install yourself or we can provide installation.

Our equipment comes with quality assurance after being thoroughly tested to ensure performance and our systems are built to last. We are careful to not overstock our product line so you don’t have to worry about purchasing yesterday’s technology today. Most of our equipment comes with a 1 year limited warranty with extended warranty plans available.

Deterrence by Surveillance

In past generations protecting your property may have been as simple as closing the gate. Today farms are looking at cost-effective alternatives for securing the property and CCTV or Closed Circuit Television has added a new dimension in its practical usage and ease of operation. The ongoing development of reliable wireless technology is helping to bring down the cost of installation and provide the versatility that comes from being able to move sensors and cameras to wherever they are needed at different times of the year.

With the ability to receive text message alerts and video clips on mobile phones and view camera outputs over the internet, CCTV allows for versatility and gives you easy access control along with peace of mind.

Wireless CCTV Solutions

Up to 3,000 Feet Distance

  • Recording

  • Motion-triggered or constant recording
  • Record weeks of video on one computer or DVR
  • Password protection
  • Connects to regular TV or VCR
  • Cameras

  • Colour cameras with night vision
  • All-weather cameras
  • Night vision, audio recording, powerful zoom
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) technology for 3D viewing

Connect up to 32 cameras of all types at once. Monitor and record the activity from anywhere in the world via Internet.

Straightforward Technology

Our systems are designed for ease of use and are simple to set up if you choose to install.

Video Recording

Farm Security Systems features a stand-alone recording platform for recording and storing video playback.

Canadian Made

We offer Canadian made products which are well designed and rigorously tested - they work straight out of the box.

Livestock Cameras

You can maintain your attention to livestock and animals from the comfort of your home with our livestock monitoring cameras. You’re able to access your software and look in on your animals from your computer or smartphone - from anywhere around the world.

Farm Security Systems CCTVs start as little as $1500.00 CAN and it will pay for itself when it becomes difficult or impossible for the cow to deliver the calf without your assistance. Systems are easy to operate and comes without complicated software.

Horse Trailer Cameras

You can monitor your horses or animals without having to pull over and stop.

We feature in-vehicle camera systems that connect you with your animal so you’ll know, if and when, you need to stop the vehicle when your animal is in trouble. You’ll never have to wonder again if everything is all right when you step on the brake, hear a bang or when driving on rough roads

Our systems display wireless video and audio in light or dark conditions. Compact all-weather cameras can also be installed at the back of our trailer for viewing behind you and to assist in backing up.

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